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Somewhere between choosing a new place to live, touring new homes, and sorting through possessions, it suddenly hits you: downsizing is a lot of work!

Over the course of our lives we collect a number of possessions. These are more than just "things" — they're years of memories and traditions. 

When it's time for you or someone you love to move into a smaller space, it can be overwhelming to deal with everything that has accumulated over a lifetime. 

Together with our partners at Alexandria Auctions, we help you manage the downsizing process so you can focus on what comes next. 

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Take the first step in getting ready to downsize with our book: Downsizing Made Easy. Normally $24.95, this book is yours FREE for visiting our site. 

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Our Partner, Alexandria Auctions

Alexandria Auctions partnering with Rob Traister, REALTOR, Traister and Associates

Many of our clients are private individuals who don't wish to have customers walking throughout their houses. We've developed options for selling the various assets of your estate.  Whether it's the car, the coin collection, or fine art, we'll handle your sale in a confidential and professional manner. We're a unique company, dedicated to ensuring our clients have excellent service at every stage of their transition.